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Do you know a child who loves pirates?

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Our Pirates box is a treasure trove of activities, games, puzzles, jokes, facts, crafts and toys.

With so much to learn, make and do your little one will become a king or queen of the pirates in no time.

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Hoist the sails and off we go, on an exciting Pirate Adventure! Meet some famous and fearsome sea-faring pirates and find out what’s true and what’s not about their lives aboard ship.

Then find a treasure map and locate the treasure but share it with your crew or there could be trouble! Put on your eye patch, blow up your parrot and make your pirate decoration – there’s so much to do!

First Wonder Boxes are themed boxes, bursting with fun activities for children aged 4-8.  They’re jam-packed with everything you need and even the box turns into a game, craft or activity!  In our Pirates box you’ll get:

  • A 23 page book of Pirate themed activities
  • A Pirate craft kit complete with 2 lots of foam clay
  • An eyepatch & inflatable parrot for Pirate fun
  • Race to the Treasure pirate treasures game and dice
  • Pirate stickers & pencil for completing your activity book
  • Collectable cards

✓ Supports EYFS & KS1

✓ Cool crafting

✓ Inspires imaginative play

✓ Perfect birthday gift for 4-8 year olds

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Children learn best when they are playing. When they’re free to explore, they will try out new things and test their abilities. First Wonder Boxes have been created by the team behind children’s newspaper, First News, to empower 4-8 year olds – sparking their creativity and helping them develop vital skills while learning about the world.

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The perfect mix of learning and fun, First Wonder Boxes are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours. Packed with activities that support Early Years and Key Stage 1 learning, they’re educational toys with a difference.

Find out for yourself – get your first box for £4.49, delivered directly to your door.

*After your first box, your subscription will continue at just £8.99 (including delivery) every two weeks. Our flexible subscription service means that you can pause your boxes if you want to take a break. Or of course, you can cancel your subscription easily.

Did you know?

Play is an essential part of a child’s development. Through creative activities, imaginative play and simple games, children develop cognitive and social skills, while growing in confidence as they make sense of the world around them.