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Child Looking at Rainforest Activity Book whilst Homeschooling

If you’re a family that home educates then First Wonder Box can be the ideal homeschool resource.

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As the team behind award-winning children’s newspaper, First News, we’ve always had a passion for engaging young minds.

Imaginative play is vital for a child’s development, especially during Early Years and KS1 learning. We wanted to create something that could help younger children learn about a whole range of STEAM topics, through play.

We’ve developed First Wonder Box in conjunction with both teaching experts and just as importantly, our own children, who gave us some very honest feedback!

Special rates for home educators!

If you homeschool your children then we have a special discounted rate (you’ll pay just £7.99 per box) – simply email [email protected] for your unique discount code.  Plus don’t forget you can get your first box half price as well!

It’s also possible to choose your first box when you subscribe – so if you have a specific topic in mind you can get all your home education resources in one go!  Choose from: Super Science, Dinosaurs, Pirates, Rainforests, Ancient Egypt or Bugs.

How can First Wonder Box help home educators?

Each Box is on a different theme and contains everything that your child needs to become an expert in that topic.

What are the types of homeschooling activities I can expect in a First Wonder Box?

Every box comes with an activity book that combines fun facts, jokes, puzzles, colouring, stickers and lots more activities to encourage your child to learn all about a topic, often whilst having so much fun they don’t even realise they’re learning!

Use the box to provide a starting point, full of resources, that can get you started on a specific subject.  They also provide a great jumping off point.

Examples include:

  • Growing mustard seeds with our Things That Grow box
  • Science experiments with our Super Science box
  • Making their own Egyptian Headdress with our Ancient Egypt box
  • Encouraging kids to get outside and bird spot with our Birds box
  • Going on a bug hunt with your magnifying glass from our Bugs box
  • Make solar system bunting with our Solar System box
  • Make a weather dial with our Weather box

What’s in a First Wonder Box?

Everything you need to home school your child!

First Wonder Boxes are themed boxes, bursting with fun activities for children aged 4-8.  They’re jam-packed with everything you need and even the box turns into a game, craft or activity!  For example: in our Dinosaurs box you’ll get:

  • A 23 page Dinosaur activity book
  • A mini Pterodactyl kite
  • A stretchy dinosaur
  • A dinosaur scratch art
  • Volano Escape board game and dice
  • Dinosaur stickers & pencil for completing your dino maths, games and puzzles
  • Collectable cards

✓ Supports EYFS & KS1

✓ Perfect for Home Education families

✓ Supports STEAM learning

✓ Perfect birthday gift for 4-8 year olds

How does First Wonder Box support STEAM learning at home?

All our boxes have been designed to ensure they provide plenty of opportunities for parents educating their children at home to cover off key subjects, even if you don’t strictly follow a school day/curriculum.

We believe children learn through play and with First Wonder Box they are often having so much fun they don’t even realise they’re learning!

S – Science: with our Super Science box you’ll learn all about brilliant scientists and get plenty of experiments to try at home.  Our Solar System box sends children on a journey to discover the solar system – find out all about planets, real-life space explorers and what we know about alien life…

T – Technology:  our Transport box investigates future modes of transport and our Weather box helps children build their own weather dial.

E – Engineering: our Inventions box lets kids put their engineering skills to the test by constructing their own moving racing car and the perfect paper plane!  Plus they can design their own robot and learn all about the kids who gave the world earmuffs, ice-lollies and trampolines.

A – Art: we have specific boxes on Art and one on Colours, but every box includes a colouring or crafting experience for children to enjoy.  Whether it’s creating your own pharaoh headdress with our Ancient Egypt box, decorating your very own pirate, or creating dotty art with our Baby Animals box you can be sure children are getting creative!

M – Maths: all our activity books have a maths element – not just with themed based maths questions but through other puzzles and board games.  Our Jobs box includes play money so they can become familiar with pounds and pence and our Fun & Games gives opportunities for counting and pattern matching.

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Children learn best when they are playing. When they’re free to explore, they will try out new things and test their abilities.  First Wonder Boxes have been created by the team behind children’s newspaper, First News, to empower 4-8 year olds – sparking their creativity and helping them develop vital skills while learning about the world.

Try your first box for half price

The perfect mix of learning and fun, First Wonder Boxes are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours. Packed with activities that support Early Years and Key Stage 1 learning, they’re educational toys with a difference.

Find out for yourself – home schooling families get a discounted rate and your first box will be just £4.49*, delivered directly to your door.  Email [email protected] for your unique home education discount code.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Nicola Braund, from the popular home education website The World in their Classroom reviewed First Wonder Box with her family.

“We think these boxes are an amazing educational resource for all Home Ed classrooms where children can learn through play. I love how each box itself turns into a game or activity for the kiddies to use, so there’s less waste and each box covers a particular theme so that they can explore an exciting new theme each time.”

“They encourage curiosity and imaginative play whilst parents have peace of mind that their children are covering key areas of the National Curriculum. The boxes look enticing for young children to dive into with their vibrant colours.”

“I think these First Wonder Boxes are a fantastic subscription service which saves so much time planning and the hassle of gathering resources. They are popped through your letterbox and instantly provide the start of a bigger project on a particular theme.”

*After your first box, your subscription will continue at the discounted rate of just £7.99 (including delivery) every two weeks. Our flexible subscription service means that you can pause your boxes if you want to take a break. Or of course, you can cancel your subscription easily.

Did you know?

Play is an essential part of a child’s development. Through creative activities, imaginative play and simple games, children develop cognitive and social skills, while growing in confidence as they make sense of the world around them.