Q. Can I buy a one-off box?

A. First Wonder Boxes have been put together as a collectable series. Children work their way through a range of educational topics to become ‘mini experts’ in line with Early Years and Key Stage 1 learning. Your first box is half price, which gives you a chance to try it out. If you decide that First Wonder Boxes aren’t right for your child, you can cancel any time after receiving your first box.


Q. Is postage included?

A. Yes! The price you pay is inclusive of all materials, packaging and postage costs. Boxes are sent second class via Royal Mail.


Q. I have an offer for a free box, why do you take my payment details?

A. We are happy to send you your first box free, so you can try out the activities with your child. Once you create an account on First Wonder Box, we take your payment details so that you can manage your subscription easily. If you decide to keep receiving fortnightly boxes, you don’t need to do anything ­– we’ll notify you of your next payment date and send you the next box in the series. If you decide to pause or cancel your subscription, you can do so easily, by logging in to your account.


Q. Can I order an overseas subscription?

A. Sorry, First Wonder Box is only available to UK addresses at this time.


Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account online. Please note that you can only cancel your subscription after you have received your first box.


Q. I’m going on holiday, can I skip a box?

A. Yes! You can pause boxes anytime. Log in to your account and you can choose how long to pause your boxes for. Your child will receive the next box in the series after the pause.

Q. Can I choose which boxes my child gets?

A. Boxes are sequential, so your child will work their way through the series in the order that we’ve created.


Q. There was a problem with my box, what do I do?

A. If anything in your box is broken or missing, please let us know here and we will send you a replacement.


Q. How do subscriptions work for siblings?

A. A maximum of two boxes can be sent to one address. Please note these boxes will be identical (so there is no arguing!). Sibling boxes are priced £4.50 per box. If you would prefer children to share a subscription, please enter multiple first names (“Noah & Zack”) or a family name (“The Austin Family”)

Q. Why do you ask for month and year of birth of the children receiving the boxes?

A. We ask for this when buying any products from First Group Enterprises Ltd (parent company of First Wonder Boxes), to ensure our products are age appropriate. Please see more info on our privacy policy here


Q. When will I be billed?

A. Your confirmation email will contain details of the exact date that the first payment will be debited from your account. Please note: we charge your card in advance of orders being dispatched.