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First Wonder Boxes: How it all began…

As the team behind award-winning children’s newspaper, First News, we’ve always had a passion for engaging young minds. And, as many of us are parents too, we understand the pressures of keeping young ones entertained in a meaningful way.

So, how could we bring the magic of First News to an even younger audience?

Knowing that imaginative play is important for a child’s development – especially during Early Years and Key Stage 1 learning – a few of us got together with our teaching experts. And, along with valuable input from our own children, we created the very first prototype for our First Wonder Boxes.

The concept was simple: to engage children from 4-8 years old. We wanted to teach them about the world in a fun and exciting way, while developing their creativity, problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

The result was awesome. A first generation of boxes was given to a group of our toughest critics – the children themselves, who were keen to get involved. We were amazed by their enthusiasm for the themed activities and their excitement for our games and toys.

With one mini road tester, 6 year old Taylor Finch, describing them as:

“So cool, I love that there’s a toy in each box plus so much stuff to do. The facts in the activity book are really good and I like that each box is different. Please do one on dinosaurs!”

… we chalked them up as a success.

Our First Wonder Boxes also come with added peace of mind for parents.

Rest assured that when you give your child their themed box each fortnight, they will not only be busy becoming a mini expert in a new and exciting topic, but the activities are helping to support Early Years and Key Stage 1 learning, too.

A lot of love has gone into creating our First Wonder Boxes. There’s nothing quite like them. We hope you love them as much as we do.